Physical Education

Physical Education equipmentAt PLPS we lay the foundations for the development of fundamental or basic motor skills in the early years of schooling. This focus supports our students to participate in physical activity and in a healthy and active lifestyle. Students develop the basic skills such as running, hopping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning. Mastery of these skills is our aim. Later, students develop the capacity to link these skills into more complex and co-ordinated movement sequences. Students continue to develop increasingly complex motor skills and begin to apply these to modified game and sports specific games and situations. Students also apply their increasing knowledge of rules to keep games and activities safe.

In the later grades increased strength, co-ordination and control enables students to develop and refine their skills so that they can participate effectively in games, activities and sports. Social development helps facilitate co-operation, communication, planning and team development in sports and games. Students also discuss roles and rules in competitive sports and undertake a variety of roles in team games.

At PLPS we aim to provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to participate in organised sport, commencing at the district level in swimming, athletics, cross country and major games. With this participation is an expectation that students will strive to give their personal best and consistently uphold our school’s core values.