Learning Spaces

Learning Centre LayoutTo encourage effective pedagogy to occur we have developed purpose built spaces that are welcoming and comforting. Teacher/student relationships are vital to student learning so room for access and movement is crucial to enable teacher/student interaction. Flexibility of space is crucial to enable a variety of configurations to cater for individual, small group or whole grade gathering areas. The potential for team teaching to occur has been provided. Physically the learning spaces cater for a variety of furniture plans, integrated ICT workstations and space for quiet reflection and reading. Open and transparent learning spaces, maximising visibility and natural light, create an environment where teachers can answer the question, “What do I want others to see happening in my classroom?”

Interactive whiteboardThe design of our clusters has brought increased flexibility in our learning spaces that enables our teachers to implement even more effectively the Principles of Teaching and Learning and e5 that drive our pedagogical practices. These new learning spaces have enabled teachers to operate small, collaborative groups that enable a supportive and productive environment to be developed. Within this learning environment teachers build positive relationships through knowing and valuing each student and promoting a culture of value and respect for each other individually and collectively. Educational outcomes, including an improved connectedness to school and improved student achievement are our desired outcomes.