Our school newsletter is distributed to our school community each Thursday through the eldest student in the family. This publication is designed to keep our community informed of upcoming events, educational programs or priorities that have an impact on our school, celebrating students’ achievements and general information and administrative matters for our families.


Our school comprises four learning levels:

Level 1 Prep

Level 2 Grades 1 & 2

Level 3 Grades 3 & 4

Level 4 Grades 5 & 6

In the first week of each term, students in each area shall take home a document outlining the teaching and learning planned for Literacy, Numeracy and the Integrated Unit for the term. It will also outline the ways in which parents can support their children’s learning, as well as other special events such as grade camps, swimming programs, excursions and incursions, sporting events and special occasions.

PDF.pdf PLPS Newsletter 2020 03 19

PDF.pdf PLPS Newsletter 2020 03 05

PDF.pdf PLPS Newsletter 2020 02 20

PDF.pdf PLPS Newsletter 2020 02 06